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            Special equipment safety will be legal


            On June 29 , 2013, the Third Session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed the Law of the People's Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety and will come into force on January 1, 2014.  Since entering the legislative process in August 2012, the Special Equipment Safety Law has been reviewed for three times. The number of streaks has been expanded from 69 to 101. From the perspectives of production,  operation, use, inspection, inspection and supervision, 8.22 million special machines weave the most stringent safety net.

            The establishment of the main body responsible for the safety of production, operation and use of special equipment is an important lesson from the lessons learned from the frequent occurrence of accidents in the safety of special equipment.  From the past situation, the occurrence of special equipment safety incidents, most of them are due to poor management of enterprise security, security responsibilities are not implemented. The " Special Equipment Safety Law " is to solve this problem. By strengthening the responsibility of the main body of the enterprise and increasing penalties for unlawful acts, the principal responsible persons of the units responsible for the accident shall be fined and urged to supervise the production, operation and use of units And its principal responsible person realizes that safety is the primary responsibility of the enterprise and also the life of the enterprise. No security, long-term development of enterprises can not talk about .

            The promulgation of the "Special Equipment Safety Law" marks a brand-new era for China's safety supervision over special equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, elevators and lifting machinery. The Special Equipment Safety Law promulgates the main safety responsibilities of the production, operation and use units of special equipment. It clearly stipulates that: in the production process,  the manufacturing enterprise is responsible for the quality of special equipment; and in the business process, the special equipment for sale and rental must meet the requirements of safety Requirements, the lessor has the special equipment safety management and maintenance obligations; In the accidental use of links, the use of special equipment for the use of security units responsible for, and have the obligation to scrap special equipment, the accident caused damage according to law Bear the liability for compensation; and creatively established a traceability system for complete information records of the entire life cycle of special equipment, a system for recalling defective special equipment, and a system for scrapping special equipment with serious accident risks, so that the operability is very strong.

            The promulgation of the "Special Equipment Safety Law" has established a strict responsibility system for the safety of special equipment, which helps enhance the sense of responsibility of enterprises, helps improve the government's supervision level, and helps enhance the safety awareness of all special equipment. The promulgation of this law is undoubtedly of great significance to effectively guarding against, reducing and curbing the occurrence of major accidents in special equipment from the system and sources and ensuring the safety of people's lives and property.