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          1. Welcome to Jinan Huiyou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. official website!

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            About us

            魯ICP備07001410號  Power by:www.300.cn     TEL:86-400-668-6667 

            News details

            "Happy Forward" TV Show


            Its a great popular TV Show in China. In order to enrich the life of our employees, Huiyou Crane Group 

            holds a special activities in Xiu Yuan River, Zhangqiu City.

            All the families of HYCM come to join and watch the activities.

            It is a fun event which also involves physical and team work exercise.

            Running on the track and jump onto the water suspences. Guess who she is?

            He works in the Jib welding workshop. Look, perennially holding a welding machine for welding 

            the hoisting jib of tower crane, gives him a beautiful fighting skill...

            HYCM specializs in producing and exporting tower cranes, luffing jib cranes and flat top tower cranes, 

            building hoists, as well as suspended cradle with competitive prices. Welcome to contact us for 

            product details.