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          1. Welcome to Jinan Huiyou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. official website!

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            About us

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            News details

            Shandong ZhongHui Xinda International Trading Co.,Ltd is Founded


            In order to supply better services and professional solutions for all our foreign clients, HYCM open a new branch-Shandong Zhonghui Xinda International Trading Co.,ltd on June 18th,2016.





            1. XINDA MISSION

            To be the most trusted equipemnt supplier and solution provider all over the world.


            Our experienced staff comprises of qualified engineers factory trained technicians and experienced purchasing manager, who can offer you the most practical and cost-effective technical solutions for your side conditions.


            Our after sale support comprises of product consultancy, operator training, trouble shooting and spare parts availability upon customer request, Xinda conducts,muti-lingual operator training programs.

            People are more difficult to work with than machines.

            Looking for a machine to do the job?

            Contact wiht HYCM branch-Xinda for the right equipment.