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            About us

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            News details

            2016 New Product Building Top Derrick Crane, Luffing crane without masts WD60 was shipped to Singapore


            we have developed our new product Building Top Derrick crane in 2015,  and now  it is hot sale product in 2016.


            Main features of the Derrick Crane:

            1) This machine is a small fixed tower crane with revolving jib: light mechanism , reasonable force ,  large carrying capacity with slight structural deformation

            2) In favor of a small construction site, and you can load amplitude , install heavy objects easily ;

            3) Comfortable operation, safe security, broad vision.

            4) The machine has standardized components, convenient for maintenance, also in a high level of generalization .

            5) Metal structures made by  high  quality  alloy steel and seamless steel pipe, which has wind resistance,and good looks . 

            6) Stable capability of  each mechanism

            7) Security devices in lifting, Luffing and slewing mechanism is sensitive and reliable.

            8) Luffing mechanism with frequency control , has stable speed and convenient for being in place .