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            Congratulations! HYCM Luffing Tower Crane QTD120(4522) Was Exported to Iraq


            HYCM luffing tower crane D4522 has been certified by ISO9001, CE, SGS etc. quality, environment and safety related standards, to assure HYCM tower cranes’ better quality and reliability.

            D120(4522) has been equipped with Full Frequency Conversion Stepless Speed Controlling system, to achieve lighter load higher speed, while heavier load lower speed, and enhance tower cranes’ performance and working efficiency, systematically reduced energy consumption at most 45%, in the mean time lower noise pollution during operation.

            D4522 pioneered to apply Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as main processing unit to tower crane Electrical Controlling System, to reduce the quantity of logical controlling electrical components, so that drastically increased tower crane reliability and safety, while decreased controlling system failure rate, and easy to be maintained and repaired, and also reduced the maintenance costs.

            In the mean time, senior tower crane experts from HYCM Experts Appraisal Committee pay special attention to general design and critical components, and only after being thoroughly discussed and finally approved by the Committee, can any new tower crane design and major change executable, to make sure tower crane safe, reliable and stable.